Yoga for the Soul

Welcome to Yoga for the Soul

Yoga for the Soul is a blossoming Yoga business based in the heart of Bristol. Offering a range of classes and private sessions to all individuals, Yoga for the Soul aims to bring Yoga to anyone’s life in a practical, accessible and modern way.

At Yoga for the Soul we offer Hatha Yoga style classes and tuition inspired by the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres. Hatha Yoga can be practiced at any age and caters for all abilities.

Yoga is a non-competitve activity and allows you to be at one with your whole being through developing an intimate relationship with the postures (asanas), controlling the flow of your breath (pranayama) and engaging in simple relaxation, mindfulness and concentration techniques.

Yoga’s popularity is fast increasing as we all seek peace, simplicity and kindness in our stress-filled lives.

So give Yoga a try and simply discover how good it makes you feel.

May the peace of yoga remain with you in mind, body and spirit.