Yoga for the Soul

Testimonials, Quotes and a Dedication

My students and friends mean the world to me. It is because of them that I have made Yoga my life and they never cease to amaze, inspire and move me to laughter or tears. Their very presence in my life, my classes and my company is one of the most highly treasured gifts I have been given.

I dedicate this page to them - Rachel

“Having tried yoga a number of years ago and just not enjoyed it I decided to try Rachel's Sunday morning class. Now my weekend wouldn't be the same without it. For one and a half hours on a Sunday morning she relaxes me, something difficult to achieve, and helps me manipulate my body into positions I never thought possible. I leave the class feeling at peace and that my body is capable of anything."

Caroline, a fabulous modern woman

"Rachel is an inspired yoga teacher - her obvious enthusiasm, knowledge and commitment comes across immediately - she has the gift of enabling you to really identify with the physical benefits of each move - explaining what is happening 'inside' and how it relates to the flow of the whole routine. This understanding is further enhanced by the spiritual nature she brings to each class - using controlled breathing combined with a final affirmative chant at the end of a class to celebrate the life-energy around us. What more can you ask for?"

Pete, needs to breathe alot more, but has untold talent

“I did a 'Yoga for Runners & Cyclists' course with Rachel, which I both enjoyed and found really beneficial for my sport. She taught me some great new stretches which I regularly use now after cycle training/racing. The small groups at the C1 clinic are great, as you get lots of personal attention and it’s a really friendly and relaxed environment in which to practice.”

Kat, a lovely C1 student

“I’ve done yoga for years. It’s always been a bit like taking medicine or flossing one’s teeth: you can’t quite be bothered” (this word has been changed for censorship reasons!) “to do it but you know you should and you know that when the class has ended, you’ll probably feel better for it. However, that all changed when a little firecracker called Rachel took a class at my local health club. Out with the fusty, monotonous, static asanas and in with a totally different, exhilarating take on yoga. It was energising, fun and strangely calming, all at once. For the first time in a long while, my body felt completely alive. She’s a rare ‘un, our Rachel.”

Rita, unique in this world

“I love the way Rachel talks about 'Buddha bellies' ... it makes a sticking-out tummy seem far less offensive! I like the way she is ready to admit - when appropriate! - her own limitations regarding certain asanas. It makes you feel like she is one of us, not someone who is light years away. She often reminds us to listen to our bodies rather than our egos, such good advice; there is always the temptation to push oneself that little bit too far and Rachel understands this.“

June, who lives life to the max

“Attending Rachel’s classes has been a special benefit to me. Before attending I could not bend properly and touch my feet. Tying shoe laces was problem. After about 4 months of guidance from Rachel I can have improved mobility and can easily tie my shoe laces. Not something I expected to get back at 64! Rachel offers one to one sessions which I am using to tackle my arthritic hips and stiff shoulders. It’s all about relaxing the muscles and the mind. When you relax the world suddenly seems a better place. Thanks Rachel for opening the door to a better world for me.”

John, someone of whom I am especially proud

“I have had a constant ache in my lower back over the past few years and a lot of stiffness since pregnancy. At the end of the class, I was so loose and limber , but also with very little pain in my back. And I didn't stiffen up after some time passed either. Absolutely amazing and a lot cheaper than sessions to the chiropractor. Thanks so much. “

Avanti, an inspiration to me

“Yoga flows, through your body, through your mind and personal consciousness into an energy that is all around and connects you to everything, making you part of it. Yoga is the difference between seeing a beautiful landscape and being that landscape in all its beauty. Sometimes its hard, or your life is hard, or you're not in the mood, or hung over! but like water, it doesn't stop - it just finds another way through, a different path. Like a body has to adapt and find different ways of moving, stretching, being, at different stages in life or even times of one day. Nothing remains the same. It is constantly changing.”

A dear friend

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

Dr Seuss, needs no introduction