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Yoga For The Soul

It’s time to push your limits, and enjoy Yoga For The Soul. 

Why Yoga For The Soul?

Releases Stress

Yoga relieves the negative effects of stress — anxiety, poor sleep, and stuck tension — by helping you move that energy around instead of letting it leave you vulnerable to illness and injury.

flexibility & balance

Drop in for a quick stretch, post-run practice, or a deep release, every tuesday, wednesday or saturday

pain relief

Press play on pain relief and relive pain or other areas of discomfort.


Use yoga to increase your flexibility and balance.

increased energy

Yoga teaches you how to cultivate mental and physical energy, whenever and wherever you need a pick-me-up. 

Challenge your limits. Join my class today.

It’s all about challenging our limits; physically, mentally and learning to breathe through it. Yoga is essentially a series of postures designed to improve strength, flexibility and balance whilst quietening the mind; it is more than a physical workout, that’s why it’s addictive!

Classes are £10 and run every Tuesday, Wednesday at 7PM. Saturday classes begin at 9AM.

If you would like to book online a £5 deposit is required.

If you are looking for an excellent yoga instructor and class, look no further that Carly. Carly is so patient and encouraging that I've been able to progress from a complete novice and really enjoy the sessions. I look forward to the classes each week as they also provide a break from a hectic work and life schedule and give me a chance to stop and catch my breath. I have been with Carly since she started teaching in Sutton and I have gained so much strength and flexibility. I never realised how much of a positive impact Carly's classes would make to my emotional and physical wellbeing and I'm so grateful for her instruction and training.
posted by Sandy

My Classes

All of my classes are for all abilities and contains a mixture of Yin Yoga & Power flow.

Tuesday Class
Wednesday Class
Saturday Class

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