Hi, I'm Carly. Your Yoga Instructor

Hello, I’m Carly, professional hairdresser, mum of one and from a small town in Surrey. But I am more than all those things. I am someone with a passion for yoga and spirituality.

From my early 20’s I have practiced yoga. From retreats, to the gym, yoga studios or just in the comfort of my own home.

Every time I practiced I got a real sense of connection and always wanted to take it further. I always had questions and was inquisative.

However, at that time in my life I was always too busy and pushed yoga to one side.Then lockdown struck.

As many people during this trying time, I turned a bad situation into an opportunity of personal growth. I took a 200 yoga alliance course, practiced asanas everyday (mainly yin yoga and sun salutations), and hired a manifesting life coach (Lucy Howman) who made me believe in myself again.

When lockdown ended I hired a mentor who was amazing. I was reading and studying the real yoga! Not just asanas.
Six months on and I am now teaching three classes a week.

I am currently studying a course for children’s yoga, and hoping in the future to teach classes at retreats abroad (travel is another passion).

As soon as you follow your dreams, everything wakes up and your life has meaning, and I hope I can bring you all on this journey with me.

My Classes

All of my classes are for all abilities and contains a mixture of Yin Yoga & Power flow.

Tuesday Class
Wednesday Class
Saturday Class

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